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Here's a pic (click on the pic for better clarity) of a roommate I had while living in Boulder, we didn't get along great, but I liked this pic of him, hope your well Hanson... (Blog below)

Hello frogs, welcome back to my blog where I try and clear any fog that's bogging me down like a heap of logs.

Like I previously mentioned, I really like the format of Tim Ferris's 5 Bullet Friday and would like to do something similar in a less prestigious, more loose format.

Here goes,

Books I'm Enjoying

Leadership is a subject of continually discussion, one that holds a fond place in our back pocket of cliché snippets and overused quotes. What I like about the way Jocko shares his leadership experience is that its all centered in taking personal responsibility with whatever challenges lay at your feet. Taking extreme ownership of any situation or problem gives you full agency in tackling it. There is no space for blaming circumstances, others, etc. you are forced to look at what things you may not be doing right and fix them. You are forced to let go of the fear of looking stupid, so you can ask the right question and get the answer you need to move forward.

This book comes off different than other leadership material in a handful of interesting and different ways. Though I can't site an exact book to reference, it seems like a lot of leadership literature can come from coaches in various athletic programs, albeit it still informative/practical, the leadership tactics from a Navy Seal Unit Commander and Business consultant bring a freshness that's only matched by a great pair of jeans tucked into new boots.

Jocko shares many difficult and challenging experiences he faced in Ramadi, Iraq. The implementation of strategies to successfully work with local soldiers to eradicate hostile insurgents. What comes back up frequently in these stories, you guessed it, Extreme Ownership. Taking on challenges fully and not making excuses. Laying out and executing plans with confidence. Plans that your team believes in fully, like you, because if you aren't fully in, those following won't be either. He takes all of these iron clad lessons learned over seas and shares examples of corporate settings he's consulted with implementing Extreme Ownership tactics with sales, management, teams etc. Highly recommend this book as your atypical leadership book. Plus Jocko is just a straight bad ass.

I didn't realize It would take so much time to briefly go over one book so lets just do two today, cool? Cool.

Wow, sometimes the truth behind why we should eat one way over another can feel like a bitch slap straight to the dome!

In Deep Nutrition, Catherine Shanahan does a wonderful job of splicing common rhetoric with "sciency" terms to lay out the dangers and results that come from a diet oversaturated with vegetable oils and sugar.

I will not make any effort or masquerade to say I have all this information down in a technical sense so I'll try and keep an eagle eyes view of it which I don't know is even the right analogy (its metaphor not analogy you fool! Yikes Dom why don't you stop writing about books you haven't fully finished or comprehend fully and work on finding better metaphors ya bingus) Alright, keeping it simple is safest.

Actually I won't even try to explain it and leave you to reading her book and greatly improving your health. I'll just say that from her research and knowledge she makes evidence based points that explain how vegetable oils (preservatives) and sugars (basically cocaine, huh?) are so damaging to our bodies, joints (not marijuana man, like the spot your elbow meets your forearm) and brains. The increase of inflammation the body experience has so many detrimental effects from joint and ligament soreness, brain fog, energy, reproductive health (that's baby making folks) and so on.

One reason I strongly believe I've been able to recover from a long lingering back injury as well as having a great amount of energy while feeling minimal joint soreness two months into a exercise routine (You Don't Know Me Son! -Goggins) is from eating a whole foods diet and not adding any "extra sauce to that boss" (inflammation) to my body. Having made the choice to (almost) completely eliminant preservatives and sugars has left me feeling my physical best.

So ya, check out those books. Stay tuned for more Gilmer Filmer videos coming on YouTube, got lots in the pipeline coming. Have a great weekend Folks.


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