Saturday Siesta De Self

How's the weekend starting off for everybody? Maybe I wasn't the only person who polished off a couple plates of nachos last night and squirted one too many droppers of CBD Full spectrum under my tongue to drift off to sleep. Woooo. Get some.

I ventured up past Duluth on Thursday to film a little day of shenanigans. Hoping to get that video up within the next couple days as well as "The Gainary" day 11/12. Stay Tuned.

A Book I'm reading

This book has been a really excellent listen (Audible). Hearing about the art of negotiating from a former FBI hostage negotiator sells itself. Some tactics I've found insightful from Chris Voss have been labeling and seeking no.

Labeling: "It sounds like your...etc." Labeling others emotions helps disarm the emotional weight underneath them and makes your counterpart feel heard. Communicate clear and slowly, listen. Mirroring what has been said to demonstrate understanding and tactical empathy.

Seeking No: Being told no gives the speaker the sense of control and safety. Asking a "No Orientated" question keeps the perceived power in the hand of the other person. The one I'm going to try out on the next gal that I'd like to pursue romantically, "Would it be unreasonable to ask you out for some coffee?"

That'll work for sure....

A great set of skills for all walks of life. Your constantly negotiating throughout the week in different nuanced ways, why not get real good at it?


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