First Blog Post

This is going to be where I blog about blogging and bloggers blogging blue collar Blue Berry Cobblers washing it down with peach schnapps'lers.

Topics of my blog

I probably will not follow any precise science with this "bloggin" business but semi frequent short quips on recent trips taken with some accompanying photos that might of embodied a funny moment or story to remember (selfishly) going forward, would be kinda nice and a little less shallow then our current social media landscape yet maybe no less narcissistic I am doing what others do but on my own site...who know, who cares.. onward.

I'd also like to provide more information on Youtube videos/Projects going forward, Recap the special day of a wedding couple that I get the pleasure of capturing their days best moments on camera, and share any wisdom that may have accidently scooted into me head while reading, watching, or conversing with some old soul in my weekly happenings.

What to expect going forward.

I am definitely inspired by the work ethic and amount of information that Tim Ferris shares and puts out on his weekly, 5-Bullet Friday. By no means will I be doing anything like him but I love the idea of sharing things that you are learning, working on, struggling with etc. I think a community of ambitious folks having a mindset of abundance, sharing their thoughts and lessoned learned can only better ones community and surroundings.

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